Register Your Interest In One Of Our Limited Memberships

We are compiling a list of those interested in memberships at our exclusive new training facility in Terminus Road, Chichester. Memberships will be limited to 80 people to ensure that the gym is never busy and we are able to deliver our high quality personal training and group training sessions effectively. If you are interested in a membership then please fill out the form below. We do anticipate filling our spaces before our opening date (in our closed Facebook group we currently have almost 300 people).
We will make key announcements via email to those who have registered with us here before we make them to the Facebook group. Within the next couple of weeks we will enable you to officially reserve your memberships and let you know exactly how to go about it. While there are a few details yet to be finalised currently we can let you know the following:

  • Our preliminary opening date will be Saturday 1st June.

  • Opening hours of the facility will be long and flexible (5.30am starts Monday – Friday!).

  • We are making a number of improvements and additions to the equipment.

  • The facility will offer a high-end membership, a variety of classes and personal training.

  • The price of a full membership will come in at less than £100 per month.

  • Discounts will be available for personal training clients and former Grenade Fit members who sign up before we open.

  • There will be 10 weekly classes included for members.

  • This will be an owner-driven business and we will strive to provide as much value and support to our members and clients as possible.

  • We will put a huge emphasis on building a community and creating a friendly atmosphere which is also conducive to great training and results.

Register Your Interest Now!

Add your details below to be included in our exclusive email list for the new gym opening. Important announcements over the next few weeks will be made via email to this list before our Facebook group or other social media pages.


Elitas Fitness
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Terminus Mill
Terminus Road
West Sussex
PO19 8UN