Losing My Powerlifting Virginity

First off, what is powerlifting? Well, it is the traditional barbell back squat, paused bench press and deadlift.

You get three attempts at each lift, and the best of your lifts goes towards a total. This is your competitive number and what you use to determine if you are stronger than other lifters in you weight class.

As an example, you squat three times and you complete all three lifts:

1st squat- 165kg
2nd squat- 180kg
3rd squat- 190kg

The last and heaviest lift is the one that combines with the other two movements to make up your total.


Holding myself accountable

My training throughout the year had been pretty good, not great and I personally was not satisfied. After signing up though, I completely switched gears. I knew I was going to be showing my best, so I had better prepare. My friends and family knew, my clients knew and I did not want to let anyone down. I had to hold myself accountable for my training and lifestyle leading up to the event.

What really stuck out for me was taking my training up a gear. Not slacking off (yup, even trainers are human and try to do this sometimes) and completing the work needed to get better. When I did not want to do my final set I thought of everyone I had told and knew I was better than just giving up. I did the work.


Following through with advice

I found advice wherever I could: other coaches, online communities, podcasts etc. Anything I could use to help me ensure I was ready for the day. Sticking with my program was easy and obvious, but specific details for the day itself also had to be considered.

I had to book a hotel because the meet was held 3 hours away from my house. I also had to know the commands to which I had to lift (you are told when to start each movement and when you are allowed to finish) and prepare enough food for the day, along with planning the timing of my nutrition.

The day started at 7.45am for weigh-ins but I didn’t start lifting until 2pm. I knew I would get nervous and don’t handle huge amounts of food well before lifting. So on this occasion some fruit, lucozade and water were all I needed.


Trying something new

I had no idea what to expect, but I loved it! Although everyone is trying to out-lift one another, no one really cares what YOU do on the day. They are focused on their own lifts and want to see nothing but your best. Having people who are in direct competition with you give you advice, share food and cheer you on is something amazing.

I was scared going into the big day but was rewarded with a few lifts I was really hoping for: I hit a 190kg squat, which for me was huge.

If you are unsure about a sport, class, gym, personal training service etc., if you do not give it a go you will never know. I am excited about the prospect of competing again next year to beat my current numbers.


What I hit:
Squat- 190kg
Bench- 115kg
Deadlift- 210kg
Total- 515kg



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