Toby Combo Progress

“I have been training with Ben at Elitas three times per week for six weeks and have already completely transformed my physique!  The training is hard but the results are well worth it!  I have also been enjoying my food more since following my nutrition plan!” – Toby

Sharples - rugby s and c

Ben is an extremely knowledgeable strength and conditioning coach and I thoroughly enjoyed working with him during his time at Gloucester

– Charlie Sharples – Professional rugby union player for Gloucester and England

“I have been training with David prior to and following a shoulder operation.  He has been very professional, regularly consulting with my physiotherapist.

 The surgeon was impressed by the good shape David got my shoulder in before the operation and how quickly it started to recover afterwards.

 David cares passionately about his work and this is reflected in how good he is at it.” – Ken Parkinson

Sue transformation

“I have been training with David for a while now and he has been a great inspiration to me and has achieved amazing results. Not only is he an excellent personal trainer, he is extremely knowledgeable about diet and nutrition. David is very dedicated and helpful and is a great person to work with.” – Sue Prosser

Seth Transformation

I have really enjoyed my training at Elitas.  It has been great using strength training to get such great fat loss results!” – Seth


“I made an appointment to see David last year after reaching rock bottom about my body.  

My initial consultation was a revelation. David gave me the most incredible insights regarding my body shape, why I was struggling with losing my belly fat even though I had exercised regularly for years (basically the wrong exercise!) and information about why my diet, lifestyle and stress levels  were totally compromising my health and well-being.

David gave me clear and simple goals – to eat some protein to start with!  At 44 I had no idea it was so important…  and he even let me stick to a daily glass of wine to  help with my stress levels.  Result!

The sessions with David were really hard for me at the beginning – to quote him ‘ the heaviest thing I’ve lifted for 20 years is a mobile phone’ ( he was right) and  I was so weak I could hardly step up onto a box.  David was brilliant with me.  Patient, fair but demanding too.  He pushed me when I would have given up and walked away.  My experience with David and the Elitas approach to training has transformed my approach to eating well, stress-levels and exercise.  I haven’t learned to love weights quite yet – but am amazed at the transformation in my strength, body shape and fat loss.  David has been right about it all and has taught me so well I am able to maintain the programme myself now that my sessions are at an end.

If you are in any way unhappy with your body and need some help – book a consultation now!  It has been one of the best things I have ever done.  Thanks David!  You are amazing!” – Jacky


*Disclaimer: results like these have only been achieved with a high level of commitment and adherence to our recommendations from clients outside of their appointments with us at Elitas.