The Gym.

Elitas Fitness is conveniently located within walking distance of Chichester’s city centre and spans 3,000 square feet, providing world-class training facilities. Enabling our members to achieve personal excellence is at our very core, so there has been no expense spared in making sure our space reflects this practice at every turn.

The facility offers private, smart changing rooms, showers and hair dryers, WCs, a high-spec training area, and industry-leading gym equipment. We also have a state of the art HVAC system to keep the atmosphere cool and comfortable to train in. All consultations with trainers are held in a private meeting area and there’s free parking at both the front and rear.

You have our undivided attention.

With our membership capped at 100, the trainers at Elitas Fitness have the ability to offer a comprehensive, bespoke and personal service to everybody. Our space holds a friendly, non-judgemental, community atmosphere which boasts members from all walks of life and at all stages of their fitness journeys.

The Elitas experience includes

  • Unlimited access to our gym (within opening hours)
  • Ongoing support from our expert trainers
  • Complimentary attendance to our Elitas seminars and workshops
  • A complimentary personal training session upon joining
  • Access to a personally tailored training programme via the Elitas app
  • Access to respite areas
  • Private, smart changing rooms and shower facilities
  • Unlimited bean-to-cup coffee
  • Healthy supplements, snacks and drinks available to purchase at our reception
  • Access to industry-leading gym equipment
  • Exercise demonstration videos on our YouTube channel

We have hand-selected the very best training equipment in the world to create our gym. Each item is the best version of what it is available on the market. We have travelled to different manufacturers and different gyms to try machines out for ourselves. From Watson dumbbells and Eleiko barbells to Hammer Strength and Atlantis Strength machines.

  • Eleiko Olympic weightlifting barbells
  • Eleiko powerlifting barbells
  • Eleiko bumper plates (over 1,000kg)
  • Watson Pro dumbbells (10kg-50kg)
  • Hammer Strength HD Elite Power Racks with lifting platforms
  • BeaverFit custom rig (providing 6 half rack stations)
  • Track/Functional Fitness Area (15m x 4m)
  • BeaverFit prowler
  • Watson custom 8 stack cable crossover multi gym
  • Matt Wenning Belt Squat
  • Nautilus Glute Drive
  • Atlantis lying leg curl
  • Hammer Strength leg press
  • Hammer Strength seated leg curl
  • Hammer Strength seated leg extension
  • Hammer Strength glute ham raise
  • Hammer Strength assisted pullup
  • Hammer Strength preacher bench
  • Watson Animal chest supported T-bar row
  • Watson Deluxe hyperextension
  • Watson lat pulldown
  • Watson cable row
  • Watson dual cable adjustable pulley
  • Wattbike Pro
  • Concept 2 Skierg
  • Elite Assault Airbikes
  • Jordan dumbbells (1-10kg) – 3 racks
  • Custom kettlebells (8kg – 40kg pairs)
  • Sled
  • Farmers walk handles
  • PRIME Fitness USA RO-T8 cable attachments and accessories
  • Mag Grip cable attachments
  • Jordan adjustable benches x 4
  • Life Fitness adjustable benches x 4
  • Battle Ropes
  • Watson safety squat bar
  • Trap bar
  • Watson tricep bar with rotating handles
  • EZ bar
  • Wide variety of other training accessories and cable attachments