• Top 4 Common Mistakes Made When Losing Body Fat

    Top 4 Common Mistakes Made When Losing Body Fat

    Despite aerobic training being one of the most popular types of training (i.e. marathon running, jogging, cycling etc.), research has proven countless times that aerobic training is an inferior way of losing body fat when compared to high intensity interval training or resistance training. Countless…

  • Changing The Fitness Industry

    Changing The Fitness Industry

    Our first proper blog post is a bit of a rant about the personal training industry. It is not meant to offend any of the “fitness professionals” out there; its purpose is to educate fitness enthusiasts and gym users.

    The fitness industry has a very bad name. Personal training/fitness instruction is not…

  • Coming Soon

    Coming Soon

    We are officially online and work has begun on installing changing facilities at Elitas Fitness. We should be officially open for business by the end of April, with online personal training becoming available even sooner!