Transformation Packages.

At Elitas, we believe that fitness is more important than it has ever been. The negative impacts of modern living have taken their toll on both our physical and mental health. It can easily feel like the odds are stacked against you, and knowing where to start can sometimes be the biggest hurdle. 

That is why we have created our Transformation Packages; if you’re looking for a total reboot of your lifestyle and are looking to get serious about your health then this could be for you. Every aspect of these packages is custom-made to meet your needs and to help you achieve long-term health and fitness. Whether you’re looking for rapid fat-loss or to build muscle, we’ll design a plan which you can feel confident with, and ensure your results are both achievable and long-lasting. 

If you’re serious about changing your life as well as your body in a short space of time then one of our transformation packages could be for you. Our transformation packages facilitate striking changes to your body composition and include 24/7 support from your coach over a period of 6-12 weeks. If you’re looking for a significant and lasting transformation that will completely revolutionise your approach to both your fitness and your lifestyle, then look no further.

  • Complete personalised training and nutrition plans.
  • Comprehensive initial assessment considering training history, movement quality and goal-setting.
  • Baseline testing and measurements including movement tests, advanced strength tests, and accurate body fat assessments.
  • Regular one-to-one personal training appointments throughout.
  • Unlimited access to our gym.
  • Unlimited support from your allocated coach.
  • Comprehensive debriefing and retesting at the end of the programme.
  • An aftercare appointment to formulate an ongoing routine to maintain your progress and motivation.

Every element of our transformation packages can be tailored to suit your individual situation and requirements.  Pricing is dictated by the frequency of your personal training appointments:

Gold standard transformations.

  • Bronze
  • 2 sessions per week
  • £349 pcm
  • Silver
  • 3 sessions per week
  • £499 pcm
  • Gold
  • 4 sessions per week
  • £599 pcm