Premium gym in Chichester.

A premier gym with a premier service.

Transformation Packages.

Gold standard transformations.

Training that goes above and beyond.

At Elitas Fitness, we will not only help you achieve your desired results but will encourage you to attain long-lasting health, wellbeing and fitness. We do this by giving each and every member specialist, high-end, holistic training, taking all areas of your lifestyle into consideration, not simply focusing on a singular fitness goal.

Committing to a healthier lifestyle.

Whether you’ve signed up for personal training or a gym membership, our team of expert trainers are on hand to provide one-to-one support and a total lifestyle overhaul. We’re proud to lead the way in providing research-backed training, improving your overall health, fitness and body composition. Your nutrition, work-related stresses and personal situation will all be taken into consideration to ensure your custom high-quality training programme is both achievable and sustainable.

From beginners to advanced athletes.

Whether your goals are to shift body fat, build muscle or rehabilitate an injury, our team of experts are here to help you. Rooting their training in science-based nutrition and wellbeing principles, each individual is given a bespoke training programme, tailored to them. We go above and beyond with every single client; each individual is shown the same level of respect, compassion and attention and our team will always be on hand to support you. 

Specialising in excellence.

Elitas Fitness is the only gym in West Sussex and Hampshire that offers training at this level. Those who become part of the Elitas community will have access to: the most highly experienced, professional personal trainers in the area, the best training equipment in the industry, private changing rooms, respite areas and (very important!) complimentary bean-to-cup coffee. 

Elitas operates as a friendly, non-judgemental space. We’re here to challenge the stereotypes of the gym – we’re compassionate, we’re invested and we empower. 

If you’re ready to discover your personal potential, then enquire now and see what Elitas can do for you.

Member reviews.

Jan P.
Jan P.
I have been training once a week for nearly 3 years at Elitas. I have found both Ben and David very knowledgeable and professional.I'd like to thank Ben for enabling me to keep fit and strong enough to keep up with our four Grandsons.
Dream F.
Dream F.
Incredible facility with the highest quality of coaches available in the south east. The equipment selection is perfect & a few pieces that you rarely see in a gym such as a pendulum squat and a belt squat. The place oozes class throughout & is worth every penny. Chichester is very lucky to have such a beautiful facility in the city.
Jamie B.
Jamie B.
David and Ben are exactly what you would want as ambassadors of their own gym...welcoming, knowledgable, friendly, encouraging. They are genuinely interested in your progress, your wellbeing and your fitness journey. They have a great asset in Reuben too who represents the brand fittingly...friendly, welcoming, encouraging.The gym itself is, with no exaggeration, world class. I’ve trained in gyms all over the world and this is up there with the best of them. From the equipment itself, to the layout, the atmosphere....all of which have been meticulously planned to give the best training experience.The dumbbells are elite in their quality, the weight plates are Olympic standard, there’s more barbells than you can imagine....they have Watt bikes, assault bikes, farmer carry braces, cables, free weights, prowler, Astro turf, weight sled, Olympic Rings, belt squat, glute drive machines....the list goes on. You want for nothing in this gym.