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About Elitas

Elitas Fitness formed in 2013, opening a private training facility in Chichester offering one-to-one personal training, strength and conditioning, soft tissue therapy and musculoskeletal rehabilitation. We have since opened a membership gym in 2015 with a focus on strength training and developing athletic performance, and in June of this year we opened a brand new 3,000sqft headquarters in Terminus Road, Chichester.

We offer private one-to-one training for individuals looking to improve their health and fitness. Whether your goal is to lose body fat, build muscle, rehabilitate an injury, optimise your sporting performance or improve your diet and overall health, we are 100% committed to maximising your personal potential.

We are specialists in the field of health and fitness, offering all of our clients a tailored solution to their personal health and fitness goals, irrespective of their current fitness level or state of health.  We take a great deal of pride and care in personalising and structuring training programmes and nutrition and lifestyle modifications to the individual in pursuit of personal excellence.  If you are serious about making some life changing steps then you have come to the right place.