About us.

Transforming the culture of fitness

Having originally formed in 2013, Elitas Fitness began as a small personal training studio and is now housed within a 3,000sqft state-of-the-art training facility in central Chichester.

With our focus firmly on creating the best training environment possible, we’ve established ourselves as Chichester’s premier gym, offering expert coaches, high-quality equipment and specialist training programmes. 

What makes us different from other gyms?

Ensuring that our members are getting the best results that they can means doing things a little differently. Kicking the ‘revolving door’ policy of commercial gyms into touch, we look to give our members as much of our time and attention as possible. 

The responsibility is shared between ourselves and our members to make sure they are attending the gym regularly and are making the positive changes needed to achieve their personal goals. Our team pride themselves not only on providing expert training but also access to the supportive community we have developed through the bespoke Elitas service.