Top 20 Things I Wish I Knew When I First Started Training (Part 2)

Volume 6 – 10


6) Don’t aim for a PB each time you train.

Looking to set a new 1RM every workout is a very quick way to burnout. Central nervous system fatigue from a maximal lift (particularly for an advanced trainee) can have some very profound effects. I personally found that after a true 1RM deadlift (particularly once I was lifting significantly above 200kg) would leave me feeling slow, depressed and lethargic for days. I used to scoff at articles suggesting such issues but I certainly learnt the hard way.    You’re strength will diminish after training above 95% for several consecutive sessions anyway so at the very least it is a waste of time.


7) All cheap supermarket supplements are complete crap

Dodgy labelling, poorly absorbed ingredients and questionable contents and dosages make these a complete waste of time. Your money would be better spent sending it to that African prince you hear from who needs £10,000 to release £1 million in bonds and investments to you.


8) Stop taking calcium for your bone health

Unless you have been recommended by a medically trained professional, taking calcium is at best a waste of time. Worst case scenario (particularly so for older men) is an increased risk of heart attack. People are very rarely deficient in calcium unless they have absorption issues. Magnesium, vitamin k2 and vitamin D are far more important for bone health!


9) Carbohydrates should be earnt

Justifying eating an entire pizza and an entire tub of ice cream just because you burnt 600kal in your morning spin class is a joke. 600kcal would equate to around 150g of carbs. Half a bowl of rice would equate to that in itself so stop overestimating your requirements.


10) Stop kidding yourself that women are impressed with your bench press and deadlift PB

We live in a Justin Bieber/ One Direction-loving world so most women couldn’t give a flying monkeys as to how much you lift.  Be it 50kg or 500kg. I’ve lost count of the number of women have seen a topless Eddie Hall or Phil heath and have remarked their disgust.  Stop acting like a numpty in the free weights section with your tank top and low cut muscle vest and just accept the fact that you are lifting to impress the “Bros”. Get strong for yourself and nobody else!


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