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A few nutritional considerations you probably never thought about

1)  If you eat the same food item everyday, try to opt for a higher quality product and look to go organic (true organic that is) wherever possible.  Pesticides, fungicides and sprayed chemicals are generally harmless in small quantities but they do build up in the body over time thus increasing the likelihood of them […]

Top 20 Things I Wish I Knew When I First Started Training (Part 3)

Volume 11 – 15   11) Stop chasing the rainbow! “I’ll be happy when… …I have a six-pack …I can bench more than my mates …I am a size 10 …I am skinny.”  The list goes on.   Trust me when I say most people will never be truly happy when it comes to their physique, […]

Top 20 Things I Wish I Knew When I First Started Training (Part 2)

Volume 6 – 10   6) Don’t aim for a PB each time you train. Looking to set a new 1RM every workout is a very quick way to burnout. Central nervous system fatigue from a maximal lift (particularly for an advanced trainee) can have some very profound effects. I personally found that after a […]

Top 20 Things I Wish I Knew When I First Started Training (Part 1)

Volume 1 – 5   1)     To gain muscle you need some extra calories but not as much as you think.  A surplus of 250-500kcal is about as much as you will require to optimise muscle gain whilst preventing fat gain. These 8,000kcal a day diets you see in Men’s fitness magazines are for extreme […]

Eating Breakfast Cereal is One of the Worst Nutrition Mistakes

Breakfast cereals have been a main staple breakfast choice since the 1940s and have formed a seemingly integral part of the British diet.  Commercial marketing, social trends and widespread availabity of cheap and affordable cereals have formed a culture in which breakfast consists of a cereal such as Special K or a sugar-based children’s cereal […]

Why Elitas Fitness Oaklands is the Best Gym in Chichester Part 2

In part 2 of our blog series explaining why Elitas Fitness Oaklands is the best membership gym in Chichester, we are continuing to focus on equipment provision.   As mentioned in part 1, we have a whole host of cable stations and selectorised machines.  They permit a huge degree of versatility in upper body training.  […]