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Why Elitas Fitness Oaklands is the Best Gym in Chichester Part 1

Welcome to part 1 of a short series of posts I am writing to show you why Elitas Fitness Oaklands is the best membership gym in Chichester.  Hopefully by the time you have read this series you will understand fully what this gym is about and why it is the perfect place to train for […]

How to lose body fat 1

Tip 1: Gaining or maintaining muscle tissue is imperative for long term fat loss and optimal body composition. Any kind of muscle loss as a result of inadequate calories, improper training or simply ageing, will lead to a decline in metabolic rate which can slow, halt and even reverse fat loss. If you are losing […]

Environmental Toxicity (Part 2)

In my last post I talked a lot about the harmful effects of manmade chemicals within our environment and identified just how little we know about how these chemicals interact with our bodies and how they are almost a definite contribution to widespread ill health.  In the next series of posts I hope to give […]

Environmental Toxicity (Part 1)

People massively underestimate the harmful effects modern chemicals have on our bodies and just how many we are exposed to in a standard day. A brand new car for during the first year can release over 6,000 chemicals into the cabin and a carpet can release hundreds over a 3 year period. Every time you […]

Elitas Staff Arms Workout (31/12/2015)

We wanted to finish 2015 with a bang.  What better way to christen the new gym than with a team arms workout followed by a belated Christmas meal!  Here is a quick run through what we did with a few notes:   A1 – Bi acromial grip pin press with bands 4 x 3 (rest […]

The diet conundrum (part 2)

In the part 1 we addressed the issue of metabolic down-regulation in response to prolonged low calorie diets.  We identified that these diets cause the hormones which burn fat, maintain our health, and regulate systems such as our appetite, lower in response to the stress imposed by eating in this way.   In the previous […]