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Healthy eating – the simplest and most effective approach

The most effective diet is the one to which we are genetically adapted. If we take a moment to consider our genetic evolution, it is clear that changes to the human diet have occurred far too quickly for the human genome to adapt. We are genetically identical to our ancestors of 20,000+ years ago. Our physiology is adapted to living as hunter gatherers for the 2 million years leading up to the agricultural revolution (the Palaeolithic era).

Nutrition and the brain

The vast majority of people claim to fail their new lifestyle, nutrition and exercise regime because of a lack of will-power. They blame their “weak mind” for their failure or lack of progress. They eat really well for three days then have a big blow-out meal and fall off the wagon. “I just can’t resist […]

Cutting calories is not the best approach to eating for fat loss

I am not saying that calories in vs. calories out does not influence changes in body weight. What I am saying is that the process of purely reducing the number of calories you are allowed to eat each day is an inefficient way to get healthy and look better. It also has an extremely poor […]

Toby’s Supplements

Here is a quick blog post detailing the supplements used during Toby’s transformation. Before you read on, please be aware that the outstanding results were predominantly down to a strict and consistent diet and an extremely intense and carefully programmed exercise regime. In terms of supplements, we just stuck to the absolute basics…

Why Long, Slow Cardio Is Not The Best Way To Lose Body Fat

There is an extremely widespread misconception that the best way to burn fat is to perform long bouts of slow, tedious aerobic exercise.  Go into any gym and you will find countless overweight individuals plodding away on the cardio machines (treadmills, cross trainers, stationary bikes etc.).  If you return several months later, you will find […]

Breakfast for optimal body composition

Toby has been training with us for six weeks and has achieved some impressive results so far.  The first alteration we made to his nutrition in order to achieve these dramatic improvements in his body composition was to completely change what he was eating for breakfast.   Unfortunately, the most common breakfast options in this […]